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About Turkey

After many years of working experience in the domain of Turkish real estate we have answered lots of questions posed by our clients. That was the reason to collect as much information as possible to give you full picture.

However, if there are some questions that weren't answered on the web site or if you would like to clarify some personal details and conditions about selection or purchase, documentation and services of the real estate in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you. 
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Selection os the real estate

There are more and more people interested in purchasing the real estate in Turkey. All those who have already become owners of houses and apartments have no reason to regret about their decisions.

Besides the romantic ambience of an evergreen country, comfortable and pleasant climate,there is a remarkable number of reasons why to purchase property in Turkey. It's a good choice for both, living and making investments.

The legislative change contributed to better and easier ways to attract foreign capital into Turkey. At the same time it simplified the process of purchase for both, natural and legal non-resident person and the process of obtaining the residence permit in Turkey with an option to get the citizenship.

Real estate prices are constantly increasing in Turkey. Taking into account the impact of low taxation there are real opportunities for the investors.

Profit Real Estate keeps an extensive up-to-date database of different residential and commercial objects all around Turkey. We can offer you more than 2000 projects of various types. You will be able to acquire housing both on the secondary and on the primary, new building projects markets.

A legal transaction

Every country has its law. Purchasing real estate in Turkey you eventually face the questions about documentation according to Turkish law. We are ready to help and make your first steps in choosing the property as easy as possible, to consult, give advice, and answer all the questions you might have.

After signing hundreds of contracts our experts have knowledge about Turkish legislation and vast professional experience to deal with different nuances of the buying and selling procedure in Turkey and answer all your questions.

Even though the documentation process for real estate in quite an easy one in Turkey, you do not need to do it yourself. Profit Real Estate attorneys may do it for you.

If you are busy or it is not possible for some reasons to come and take part in the documentation process, you may be represented by a third party, as long as the third party provides the original of a notarized power of attorney. Our team will gladly help and represent you in this case.

The guided tour

When you start looking for a project the choice is made according to the requests in our catalogue. After you make a decision we offer you a free guided tour. It proves the reliability and safety of the deal as you may examine and check your future house

Why to order a guided tour:

  • We will meet you at the airport and drive to the luxury suite.
  • You will be given a tour to see the real estate projects
  • You will be consulted about the legal issues, real estate purchase and after sales service as well as about the nuances of Turkish real estate market.
  • The tour will take 3-5 days for you could take your time and look around, visit the apartments and villas to make a good decision.
  • If you decide to make a deal with us, the company provides you not only the tour, but also reimburse you the travel costs according to the costs of the object.
  • In case you need more time to make a decision the tour is worth only 150$!

After sales service

Profit Real Estate provides the following services to its clients:

  • Transfer to and from the airport. We can order you a private or a group transfer, a VIP transfer for special occasions. It's also possible to order your transfer with a Russian speaking attendant.
  • Standart property services - Internet connection and phone connections, creating a subscriber number.
  • Paying the utility bills such as water and electricity supply and Internet connection. You can pay the bills with a credit card too.
  • Purchasing furniture, house applies and basically everything you may need for comfortable living.
  • Assistance in repairs and design.
  • Cleaning service.
  • Arranging the insurance. We assist to contact the insurance agencies.
  • Car rental and assistance in purchasing a vehicle.
  • Booking flights and bus tickets.
  • Consulting about children's institutions in Turkey (kindergartens, schools, colleges).
  • Consulting about health care institutions in Turkey and the best medical institutions in the region.
  • Assistance in recreational activities, excursions, yachting.
  • Tenancy occupied properly management.

One of the advantages to be an owner of a holiday property is spending time in your apartment or villa and renting it out once you are not there. Signing the contract about standard property services and tenancy we negotiate and draw up tenancy agreement. After that your property starts bringing you income!

Low cost and attractiveness for investment

It has been quite a while for Turkey to be found in TOP-10 countries to purchase the real estate alongside Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Montenegro.

Each of them has something special, however Turkey has its own number of advantages.

Taxes are comparatively low in Turkey which makes this country quite appealing for lots of foreigners. Taking into account that there is no need to obtain visa and the purchase of real estate gives the right to apply for a residence permit, Turkish real estate market is developing.

According to the majority of analytics, economical and political development of the country will become a good base for private and institutional investments from all over the world in long lasting perspective.

Turkish government views favourably the foreign investments as it is seen from the draft laws. Not so long ago it became possible to purchase property by the citizens of a few countries who did not have this opportunity because of restrictions.

There are favourable conditions for the foreign investors. They are given the same rights as Turkish citizens. One of the most profitable ways to invest is to build residential and commercial objects on the sea cost. Mainly, because of the tourists and increasing number of requests about real estate and entertainment.

The economic growth rate in Turkey for 3 years increased up 6.8%, while the average economic growth rate the the countries with is only 2.1% In a rating created by ULI (Urban Land Institute) in 2008 Turkey was ranked first among the most attractive and beneficial countries for investment. In 2009 it was ranked third according to the investment market.

According to the information about 2013 Turkey was ranked 17th in the list of countries with the largest economy in the world.It has been forecast for 2018 that Turkey is going to be ranked 15th according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research, CEBR .

Everyone can invest in Turkey. Every year the average cost of housing increases up to 10% which makes your investment beneficial and solid. At the same time the cost of objects by the moment they are accomplished increases up to 30%. Purchasing real estate in Turkey you get a real source of income.

The model of maintenance is easy in Turkey. The customer pays the tax only once. It’s 4% of the cadastral value that is indicated in TAPU.

As the taxes are quite low, the maintenance cost is low too. An average amount the owner of property without special amenities pays is between 30 and 500 euros (in case if you are the owner of a luxury villa with swimming pools, private guards etc). Comparing to the monthly payments in European countries this option seems to be an attractive one.

In addition, as the owner you are given an opportunity to compensate the expenses via renting your property out. The payback periods in Turkey are quite short as the real estate is in demand.

In high season the rental cost could be found within these margins:

A standard 1-bedroom apartment in a middle class house will make around 300-700€ per month to rent it out to tourists.
An apartment with 1 bedroom in a house with hotel amenities will make around 700-1000€ per month.
A 2-bedroom apartment in a luxury house with hotel amenities overlooking the sea will cost 1000-1500€ per month.
A luxury villa in Turkey makes around 1500-4000€ per month to rent it out.

In case of your decision to rent the apartment out we are ready to assist you in tenancy management.
Rent your apartment out with Profit Real Estate and we make sure you get good income.

Mortgage credit lending

Every man or woman with a required set of documents can easily get credit in Turkey.

This procedure is standard for all the clients.

After the selection of a house we go to the bank which you choose on your own or according to our recommendations. The most popular are: DenizBank, Akbank, Küveyt Türk, Garanti Bank, İş bankası.

Then we discuss the details of your credit and fill the application.

The bank provides their own expert to examine the property within 5 working days and lets you know about the credit limit. You also receive a letter of guarantee. The documents you need to provide to the bank

Employed Owners of the firms Retired
Certificate of the State Tax Administration for the previous year (county of living)
  Copies of TAPU of acquiring Real Estate 
Notarized passport copy
Income certificate authenticated by the employer
  Bank certificate of income for last 3 months
Firm's accounting for 2 years. Copy of the partnership certificate
Bank credit record
Property documents
Filled application

The documents you provide are translated in Turkish. It usually takes about 2 weeks to get the credit if all the documents are provided.

Crediting conditions. In every case the conditions are discussed individually.

The credit limit50% of the estimated cost (it's always try same as the market value)
Monthly payment limitAt most 50% of income
Income evaluation  Half a year income on your bank account including age benefits  
Maximal amountNo restrictions
Minimal amountNo restrictions
NationalityAll the citizens that are allowed to purchase property in Turkey
Crediting period5-10 years
May the credit be given in Turkish lira?Yes
May the credit be given in euros?*No
May the credit be given in USD?*No
Purpose of creditSpecial purpose
Prepayment of the creditPossible (penalty commission is 2%)
Assessment of propertyIs provided by bank
Loan debtor age25 - 65 y.o.
The age margin65 y.o.
DASK: (risk insurance)Completion of the load via creditor's bank
Life insurance Depends on the creditor's bank
Monthly paymentAutomatically from the bank account
 *Nowadays there is a possibility to get a mortgage in Euro or USD only in Küveyt Türk bank. Other banks give loans to turkish and foreign citizens in turkish liras. 

If for any reason you can not be present to receive the credit our company can asist you in this question as well.

Purchase the propery through the payment in instalments, interest-free

If you do not have the required amount of money, there is a good and popular option to purchase property by installments. You won’t need to pay extra.

We work directly with the developers. Therefore our offers are very beneficial. To purchase and book the object you only need 1000 euros and your passport. There is no need to provide proofs of your capacity to pay.

There are no specific dates for the contract of payment by instalments - it’s individual. All the conditions and your schedule of payments will be negotiated with you. In this way we can discuss the details suitable you.

Maintenance costs

It’s a usual thing to plan your expenses. It also applies for the house maintenance as this money is always included to a month budget of the property owner. Alongside with inexpensive purchases one of the advantages of Turkish real estate is its cheap maintenance. The expenses are divided to the ones you pay constantly and the ones that change.

Every month you have to pay aidat and property tax.

Aidat is what you pay for a monthly maintenance of your complex.

All the complexes in Turkey have a company that takes care of the territory, complex itself and amenities. The amount you pay is negotiated with other tenants and depends on amenities. The bigger it is the more you have to pay.

Every year the company provides a report about all expenses. The cost of aidat could be decided during the annual meeting by voting. The cost can increase only in case of urgent need to invest more into amenities.

The cost of aidat is between 5 euros - for the city apartment up to 50 euros for the complex with a big territory and amenities of the hotel type. In average, one aidat for a complex with a swimming pool, a garden, a generator and different apartments will cost around 35-45 euros per month.

Annual property tax (Emlak vergisi) depends on the cadastral value, that is 1,5 times lower than the market value. It is around 50-200 euros per year.

The cadastral value is determined by the Cadastral Agency. It is always mentioned in TAPU. It is possible to pay the annual tax at the offices of the local municipality after titling.

The expenses that change include water, gas, electricity supply.

Every owner pays for water and electricity according to counters. The payment depends on how much water or electricity you use. You use and pay, that’s it. The minimal payment for water supply for a family with 3 people is 7 euros monthly. In average it’s around 10- 15 euros per month.

Electricity supply would cost you 15-20 euros. In the warmest season you might decide to use air conditioning. So, your payment will increase up to 30-35 euros.

In new complexes it is popular to use gas more often than electricity. For instance, the gas is purchased in tanks that cost around 22 euros. One tank will last for 4-5 months of active use. If you don’t cook often, it will last longer. That’s you who decide.

Good to mention that you do not necessarily have to pay all the bills by yourself, especially when you are not in Turkey.

Modern technologies allow to do it automatically. When you open your bank account it is possible to set an option that will charge you monthly.

If you do not like the idea of paying via bank, our company will gladly help you to find other solutions to pay your bills.

Conclusion of a sales contract

Once you made a decision to purchase the property a sales contract needs to be signed. For this you have to have your international passport and 1000 euros with you.

A sales contract is issued in 3 copies in Russian and Turkish.

The contract has to mention:

  • Information about the seller and the customer
  • Information about the subject of the contract (floors plans, specificity of construction, the date when the object was accomplished etc.)
  • Payment terms
  • Obligations of the seller and the customer
  • Legislative procedures

Required documents:

  • Passport/ ID copy
  • Mother’s and father’s family names of the seller and the customer

Titling TAPU

TAPU is a document that proves ownership of real estate in Turkey and issued by the Cadastral Agency. This document includes information about the owner, location where the complex or villa is built, cadastral cost, registration number, number of the apartment as well the floor. It is also required to include the photographs of all the owners (up to 10)

TAPU can have different colors. It depends on the type of property. Red - residential and commercial property. (an apartment, villa, industrial premises, office, etc.) Blue - land plot.

You may obtain TAPU only at the Cadastral Agency. It is the only governmental institution that provides this service. The procedure takes around 3-5 working days.

The most important is to pay everything off including taxes and royalties by time you receive TAPU.

To obtain TAPU it is mandatory to:

1. Obtain Turkish INN
It is free of charge and takes only a few minutes. You may obtain INN at any tax inspection office. You are going to need it to open a bank account, apply for a residence permit and pay taxes.

2. TAPU issuing The transfer of ownership takes place in the Cadastral Agency in the presence of the customer, seller and sworn translator.

  • Sales-tax is 3% of cadastral value specified in TAPU*
  • Application and cadastral fee cost around 100 euros.
  • Services of a translator cost 50 euros

* From September 30, 2017 the cost of sales-tax increases to 4%.

To obtain TAPU you have to provide the following documents:

  • Customer’s international passport
  • INN
  • 4 color photographs 3х4 сm

3. Issuing related documents for a new owner

  • Obtaining the registration ""Iskan""
  • Insurance DASK
  • Registration of devices for measuring water and electricity volume usage

You can also open a bank account on your name in every Turkish bank. It may facilitate the procedure of payment for water and electricity supply, phone connection in case you let the bank charge you automatically.

Our company may assist you through the entire procedure. If you don't have an opportunity to visit the governmental institutions, you may execute a power of attorney for documentation. We can go through the whole process and hand you a ready set of documents. It will cost around 150 euros.

Owners of the real estate in Turkey are allowed to apply for a residence permit

In order to visit Turkey as a tourist or to conduct business for the period up to 60 days it is not required for most of the foreigners to obtain visa. To stay longer than 3 months it is obligatory to obtain a residence permit

There are a few options how to obtain a residence permit in Turkey. However, the easiest way is to provide the certificates of ownership or title. TAPU gives you the right to apply for the residence permit for 2 years with an option of prolonging it. After 5 years spent in Turkey you may apply for the citizenship.

A lease contract can be signed before the apartment was purchased (purchased by installments). For instance, you haven’t got your TAPU, but the developer gave the permit to live in the apartment. In this way, a notarized lease agreement gives the right to apply for a residence permit.

The procedure of obtaining a residence permit may last from 14 days up to 2 months.

You have to apply through the website of the General Immigration Directorate and make an appointment with an expert (date and time when you have to be at the Office of the General Immigration Directorate with a set of documents):

  • Residence permit application form – 1
  • Photographs 3х4 cm – 4.
  • Current international passport and its copy ( the page with your photograph and the one with your last entrance stamp).
  • Bank account certificate with 500 euros per month or 6000 euros to apply for a year residence permit.
  • Current residence permit and its copy ( all the pages with stamps and marks).
  • Copy of TAPU (for the owners of the property)
  • Certificate from the state service of cadastre with your address ( in case of tenancy you have to provide the lease agreement etc)
  • Earthquake insurance ( for the owners of property)
  • Medical insurance (issued in Turkey)
  • INN (Taxpayer Identification Number

If you did not provide all the required documents at once, you are allowed to add the missing ones to the Office of the General Immigration Directorate within 30 days otherwise the procedure is cancelled and no longer valid.

In case if your application for a residence permit was declined, you are allowed to stay in Turkey till your visa/ residence permit expiry date.

The residence permit may be given to a spouse, retired parents and children under the age of 18. Everyone else older than 18 y.o., parents, brothers and sisters may obtain the residence permit only if the owner of property has Turkish citizenship.

According to the new law, if you want to have your minor children included to your residence permit, the apostille shall be placed in their birth certificates.

Our company will gladly assist and facilitate obtaining a residence permit.


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